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My love for photography was ingrained in me at a young age. Growing up on a farm in Maine, the animals soon became my favorite subjects to photograph. I'd spend hours and rolls of film learning their personalities and energies, studying each other intently.  They were as curious about me as I was to them, that's where the connections are made.  It also taught me patience, to wait for the perfect shot.

I'm very fortunate that my mother took so many photos of my brother and I from the day we were born.  Documenting every little moment and milestone.  I would say she was my biggest influence, always seeing her with a camera, I followed in her footsteps.  Being able to look back at my childhood and see the story of my life unfold is a gift like no other.  So now I do the same for others. Our time on this planet is precious and fleeting - photography allows me to freeze time, making moments into keepsakes.

Among other subjects I photograph, I spend a lot of time in nature.  We are incredibly grateful to live in such a beautiful place, there is always somewhere to explore.  Being able to see the ocean every day is a blessing in itself. I offer portraits of people and pets, children and babies, events and parties. I’m always up to try new ideas and techniques for anyone with a specific vision in mind.


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